Providing Our Clients with the Best Services Since 2000's

Tight Lock Security will provide highly trained and certified armed / unarmed security officers and personal protection officers. Our officers will provide multiple services in response to our client's needs:

What We Do

Our Services

Armed/Unarmed Security Officers

We provide armed and unarmed Security Officers depending on our client's needs. Our Officers go through a rigorous and detailed application process. We sponsors our Officers through multiple certifications before and during their time of employment.

Personal Security

We hire Active and Retired Police Officers, and Military Veterans for our specialized Executive and High Profiled personnel security detail. Our mission and responsibility is to protect you and/or your family. As your security detail we adapt to your needs while allowing you to maintain your feeling of freedom and privacy.

Part Time Officers

Business interested in a higher level of security can acquire security through our part time Police Officers. Police Officers will be deployed to a site located inside of their jurisdiction allowing the Officers to exercise their full police powers.


Clients are Business Executes, Church Leaders, Celebrities, Commercial real estate, Retail Banks, Construction sites, Healthcare facilities, Residential and Manufacturing communities, Shopping centers, Entertainment venues, Restaurants. Our team brings insight allowing our company to identify and solve problems.

Uniform Options

We provide different options of uniforms tailored to the needs for our clients.

Training and Certifications

We Provide different training and certification for aspirants in security service. This includes: